Your Photographer


About Paul… Fun.  That’s what is important to me as a photographer. Whether it’s the bride and groom, waterfalls in Iceland, or my dinner, I have fun taking pictures!  When I step into a wedding, I see so many opportunities to capture the moment, to create art with my surroundings, and to take photos that make people happy. I constantly challenge myself to become a better photographer every day by bringing my camera with me wherever I go and experimenting with new techniques.

Thoughts on wandering… Many dream of traveling the world.  Making that dream come true isn’t always easy. In 2014 I left my desk job and decided to go on an adventure. Over 8 months, I traveled to 26 different countries.  I saw the beautiful sky lantern festival on Chinese New Years in Taiwan, pretended to be a hobbit climbing Mt. Doom at Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand, crossed riot police and protesters in Taksim Square in Istanbul, woke up early to see hot air balloons rise with the sun in Cappadocia, celebrated the German win of the 2015 World Cup in Berlin…and so much more. My travel experience helps me plan destination weddings and engagements quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world.  I love traveling, whether it’s for weddings or simply to see and learn more of the world!

Other random facts… I love… Food…I like all food…except olives.  But if you like olives, don’t worry, we can still be friends. Giving back to the community.  I’ve jumped at the opportunity to take photos for the Human Rights Campaign, to shoot events for Ohio State student organizations, and to teach children at an orphanage in Kenya. TV shows.  Favorites: Sherlock, Modern Family, Breaking Bad, Chef’s Table, Parks and Rec…there are too many to list.