I Love what I do.


Me & Weddings

I simply love weddings of all shapes and sizes. When I look at the industry I see photographers being attracted to certain styles of weddings and locations, but for me, as long as you love and excited to see each other, I’m there for you. There’s something magical where friend and family come together to celebrate two people in love. To capture the day filled with tears, laughter, and love is really a privilege and very special to me. What I love the most is seeing my couples re living their day when they look at their photos and remember their memories and especially the love.

Me & Life

I’ve spent most of my life preparing myself to be an engineer. In 2014 I put my two week notice and and went on a 8 months journey around the world and it changed my outlook on life. Since then I have tasted so many dishes around the world, seen amazing landscapes, witnessed global events that has made this large planet a small world. Most importantly it has show me how much love people have for each other.

After the trip, I went back to the world of engineering but slowly started to fall in love with wedding photography. In the month of April of 2016 I decided to quit my full time job and pursue my passion as a full time career.

What do I love?

Food. All of it, so 100% chance I will eat your desserts.

I love to travel. Favorite places are New Zealand and Iceland.

I only wear my sparkly jacket if requested.

May the Woo be with you.




14-22 |February| Los Angeles, CA

22-25 |February| Washington DC

27-01 |February, March| Las Vegas, NV

01-04 |March| Marfa, TX

10-21 |March| Bali, Indonesia

22-25 |March| Amsterdam, NL

25-28 |March| Aachen, Germany

15-19 |April| Havana, Cuba

13-17 |June| Nashville, TN

24-26 |June| Chicago, IL

26-28 |September| Washington, DC

03-05 |October| Nashville, TN

11-13 |November| Maui, HI

30-31 |December| Norway


One of my favorite things in life is meeting people all over the world. I have met some of my closest friends while traveling. If you are a couple, adventurer, or a fellow photographer, feel free to reach out, I would love to connect with you guys.